ZO-IP Standard (FlexPrem Fast VoIP Failover w/Virtual IP Addressing)

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The ZO-IP Standard service by ZeroOutages is an inexpensive SD-WAN solution for organizations that are looking for true network redundancy and failover for their mission critical applications like VoIP, RDP, and virtual desktop.  This product includes:  An onsite SD-WAN edge appliance with built-in policy-based firewall rated to 1Gbps, virtual IP address service, best path routing, and dynamic QoS and traffic shaping.

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This pricing is the initial setup fee (which also applies to the last months billing).  The monthly pricing is equal to the setup fee.  Upon initial purchase a sales associate will reach out to complete the service setup process.

For more information on these services please visit www.zerooutages.com or contact us via at 888-997-6237 or via email at sales@zerooutages.com.