ZO-IP Firewall (Teleworker) HomeOffice w/Wifi Router

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The Teleworker solution ZeroOutages provides a fast and secure method for organizations to enable remote workers or work from home.  This solution utilizes a basic home office/SMB wifi enable router to connect remote workers to mission critical enterprise applications and resources.

Optionally, ZeroOutages offers endpoint protection for the remote office worker as well, the endpoint software is a small footprint client that is available for Windows, iOS, Andriod, and Linux.

This is a great solution for organizations that are looking for fast, easy and secure remote access with true network redundancy and failover for their teleworker deployment.  This product includes support for up to 3 end users (typical home office/SMB deployment).

This is the initial setup fee (which also applies to the last months billing).  The monthly pricing is equal to the setup fee.  Upon initial purchase a sales associate will reach out to complete the service setup process.

For more information on these services please visit www.zerooutages.com or contact us via at 888-997-6237 or via email at sales@zerooutages.com.